A. Sitagu Sayadaw

သီတဂူသံဃဝိဟာရ��� ၾသဝ���ဒါစရိယ သ�����တဂူဆရာ���တာ���ႀက���း၏ ေထရု���ၸ���ၱိ�����ို အဂၤလိပ��� ျမ����������������������������မ��� ႏွ���္ဘ���သာ�����ဖ���������့္ ေဖၚျ���ရန္ �����������������������������ီ�����������������������������������ဥ���လ�����်�����္ရွ�������������ပ�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������


A Brief Biography of Dr. Nyanissara

1937   The venerable Sitagu Sayadaw Dr.Ashin Nyanissara was born on 23th February 1937, in the town of Thegon, Bago Division, in central Myanmar.

1944    He began his study of basic Buddhist education at the local monastery, Tat Ywa Ale Kyaung, Thegon.

1952    He was ordained as a Samanera (Novice).

1957    He received his higher ordination as a Buddhist monk. He continued his study of Buddhist scriptures in Yangon, Mandalay and Sagaing.

1961    He earned a Master Degree in Buddhist Doctrine and was conferred a Sasanadhaja Dhammacariya degree.

1963    He joined the Samgha University in Yangon.

1965��   He completed a diploma course in Buddha Desana.

1965    He founded BBM collage in the town of Lay Myat Hna in the delta region of Lower Myanmar.

1968  ���� He began to teach Buddhist scriptures to the monks, nuns and novices in Sagaing Hills.

1972������   He lived in seclusion and practiced meditation at the forest monastery of Thabaik Aine Tawya, Kyon Ka village, Paung township, Thathone division.

1975    From 1975 onward he gives Dhamma talk to the public  throughout the country and abroad.

1977    He established his own monastery, Sitagu Vihara, in Sagaing Hills.

1978    He founded the Sitagu Missionary Association.

 1979   He began his missionary work abroad. So far, he has been visited more than 40 countries and participated in more than 20 conferences.

1980    He began the construction of water supply system for Sitagu water donation project.

1985    He began the construction of the Sitagu Ayudana Hospital.

1990 ��  The Sitagu Ayudana Hospital was opened.

1992 ��  He started the project of Sitagu International Buddhist Academy.

1994  �� Established the Sitagu Buddha Vihara in Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

1996    The Sitagu International Buddhist Academy was opened.

2002    Sitagu Buddha Vihara ���The Light of Sasana Association’ was established in Florida, U.S.A.

2003    He was conferred the degree of the Doctor of Literature by the University of Yangon, Myanmar.

2005����   He was offered the Ph.D degree by Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, Bangok, Thailand.

2006  ���� Sitagu Buddha Vihara was established in Minnesota, U.S.A.

2007 ����  Sitagu Buddha Vihara was established in TN, U.S.A.

*  ��  ��    Up to now, more than 100 books in Myanmar and 30 books in English have already been published.

*  ��  ����    Till today (1-7- 2007), 37 outstanding students are sent abroad to study, sponsored by Sayadaw, and as a result there have been (17) monks who hold M.A. degree and (10) monks who hold Ph.D. degree.

*     ��    He was conferred the titles, Maha Dhammakathika Bahujanahitadhara, Aggamaha Saddhammajotikadhaja, Aggamaha Ganthavacaka Pandita and Aggamaha Pandita, by the Government of the Union of Myanmar.

*    ������     Sayadaw Dr.Ashin Nyanissara is known as Thabaik Aine Sayadaw since he used to live in Thabaik Aine forest monastery.

*    ����     He is also known as Thegon Sayadaw since he was born in Thegon Township.

*          He is also known as Sitagu Sayadaw since he established Sitagu Vihara, Sitagu Water Donation Project, Sitagu Ayudana Hospital, Sitagu International Buddhist Academy in Myanmar and Sitagu Vihara (Theravada Dhamma Society of America) in U.S.A.

*    ��   �������� He yearly offers food for thousands of prisoners who are imprisoned in Myanmar.

*��         Also often he donates basic necessities to the Old-aged home.

*      ��   And also he donates requisites to the orphans.

* ����  ������  ��������  He offers food and other basic supplies to the disable veterans, the visually impaired, the deaf and dumb.

*��  ��  ����������������  At present, though he has reached the age of 71 he is continuously doing the missionary works by taking base at The Sitagu International Buddhist Missionary Center which was newly established in Yangon, Myanmar.