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A Brief Biography of Dr. Ashin Candasiri


            Ashin Candasiri was born on 31st October, 1964, in Htantapin township, Bago Division, Myanmar. At the age of five, from 1969 onward, he started his education in the government primary school, at the same place. In 1975 he was ordained as a novice by his parent at the local monastery named Myayatana Kyaung. He began to study the basic Monastic Education from that time onward. His the first teacher in Buddha Sasana is U Visuddha, the abbot of Myayatana Kyaung.

            Ashin Candasiri was sent to Myazeegon Pali University, Taungoo, for his further study in 1979. He was ordained as a Buddhist Monk by support of U Chit Maung + Daw Khin Nu, Htantapin, in 1984 and passed Pathamagyi examination in the same year.

            He went to Masoeyein Pali University, Mandalay, in 1986 and Panca Nikaya Sasana Viman, Yangon, in 1990 for his higher study. He received the Sasanadhaja Dhammacariya Degree in 1995.

            Meanwhile he was learning Buddhist scriptures from senior monks he was teaching the same to junior monks, novices and lay children for years. In 1996 he was admitted to attend the classes in Sitagu International Buddhist Academy which was established by Sitagu Sayadaw Dr. Nyanissara. He began to study the basic English at the same place.

         ��������������������������������������  In 1999 he was sent to the University of Hyderabad, India for his further studies and he was conferred the Master Degree in 2001 and he continued his study in the University of Mumbai. He has completed his Ph.D Degree in 2006.

            He worked for Sitagu International Buddhist Academies (Sagaing, Yangon, Mandalay) as a assistant Registrar, Dean of the Faculty of CBS, HOD of Foreign Affairs, Pro-Rector of Sitagu International Buddhist Academy for years.

Now Dr. Candasiri is doing missionary works at the Sitagu Vihara, Therava Dadhamma Society of Florida, W Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A.